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Consulting / financial services and insurance services

Insurance & Financial Services

You would like to…

  • introduce and map new business processes
  • optimize your inventory system. Align your processes with new, innovative technical possibilities
  • react to changing market conditions and customer needs.

We are there for you and will support you.

We determine and analyse the technical requirements for your existing system, identify potential for optimization and thereby ensure a positive impact on the value chain.

A professionally conducted business analysis helps your company to optimally adapt to constantly changing market needs.

As business consultants, our experts support you in the successful implementation of your goals as a competent and reliable partner in the following areas:

Range of service:


When carrying out preliminary studies, we collect the structures, principles and business processes of your company, analyse the reason behind them, and then determine the optimization potential.

In the course of concept development, we map the business architecture and derive the system vision from it.


We develop and design process landscapes with a special focus on the digitization of business processes.


In the role of Requirements Engineer we collect and analyse the technical requirements. After the preparation of the requirements for the development team we will accompany your implementation until the Go-Live.


Our consultants provide support, for example, in helping you set up and improve team structures and work processes within your defined organizational units.


Through years of experience in various project roles in both local and international programs, our consultants have the expertise to optimally support your project and implement it successfully.

Our consultants have specialist expert know-how and many years of experience with large portfolio management systems for insurance companies

We support you in the following areas in property and personal insurance:


Application processes

Our consultants design the entire process, starting with the premium calculation through the application to the active insurance contract.

In addition, health issues, consultation protocols and further information is integrated.

Customer journey, customer experience, Apps

We design web frontends and apps for various user groups such as end customers, employees of cooperation partners, etc. with a view to logical, user-friendly processes that best support the respective business process and ensure their connection to inventory management systems via web services or interfaces.

Fast Quotes

Via a Fast Quote Tool, which can also be integrated into online advertising or social media channels, customers receive their personal insurance bid quickly and easily. With limited data, premiums and quotes, even for complex products, can be quickly calculated.


Harmonization, simplification and standardization of the product landscape

Reusable product components are developed and made available that enable new insurance products to be sold in the shortest possible time.


The transformation and correction of the international financial and capital markets has drawn the insurance industry’s attention to the improvement of technical solutions.

The customer assesses the quality of the insurance company primarily on the basis of how they are treated during the claims process, the “moment of truth”.

What additional support services are offered, how long does it take to recover/replace and/or pay compensation for its claim?

Efficient claims management not only serves to reduce costs but must also be understood as a marketing instrument.

Ensuring lean and cost-efficient claims processing as part of digital transformation requires optimal process design and system support along the entire process chain for customers, companies and employees. Customer journeys for your client, e.g. via mobile app or portal, are just as important as fully automated processing of claims without intervention by the clerk.

Our claims experts provide active support throughout the entire process of introducing and optimizing claims management. Years of experience, numerous customer projects and the combination of professional, technical and organizational knowledge potential distinguish the team of claims experts as strategic implementation partners in claims management for insurance companies.


Support in controlling and defining commission rules for various products and distribution channels

Collection and Disbursement

Our consultants support you in the implementation and harmonization of digital payment processes.

Interfaces to accounting and invoicing

Transferring Subledger Accounting to the General Ledger

IT consulting

Insurance portfolio systems

Business and technical architecture: Our business architects strive to keep your architecture as close as possible to the standard application and to customize it as little as possible. The dismantling of historically grown systems is just as much a part of this as the necessity to implement new interfaces or adapt the data model. For the process of making business requirements into technical ones, we act as “translators” between the departments to reach the goal quickly through a common end-to-end view.

Requirements engineering

Specification and systematic collection of functional and non-functional requirements are existential prerequisites for a successful implementation within the scope of business analysis. We can offer you this and thus ensure transparency in the cost estimate for implementation.

Agile Methods

Our consultants can draw on project experience in waterfall and scrum. As team players with social competence and foresight, they greatly contribute to the achievement of goals by actively sharing their expertise.

Inventory migration

The introduction of a new business application usually goes hand in hand with the transfer of inventory data. Our consultants go through this process with you and guide you through this change, taking into account professional dependencies and technical interfaces.

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