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Continuous testing

The test market is over 34 billion USD and still focused on manual testing. Testing impedes a fast software implementation. To fasten software implementations, a new software test approach must be rolled out. Continuous Testing is such an overall concept to speed up IT development over the whole life cycle.

Continous testing is an overall approach and follows several key principles:


  • Align testing with business risk to optimize test execution. Focus testing on the
  • “real” risks. A consequent risk based testing approach is key
  • Implement automated quality gates
  • Dev-Ops capability per project / engagement are assessed and define the test
  • Regressionstest-sets are built up with a coverage of 50 to 60 %
  • Shift left test automation with an automation ratio of 70 to 80 %
  • Shift automated testing to the API layer when feasible
  • Use test data management and service virtualization to enable continuous test execution

Our services for continuous
testing are:


  • Overall consulting, set-up and implement continuous testing
  • Managed services for continuous testing
  • Set – up risk-based testing for “change” and “run”
  • Build up and redesign of the test case portfolios
  • Definition, set-up, redesign of the regression test portfolio
  • Test tool evaluation
  • Set-up and maintain high-end test automation approaches
  • Technical concept and implementation
  • Test environments and data models

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