Our mission

  • We act with a long-term view
  • We generate value and benefit for the clients
  • We are permanently improving our know how because this is the major capital of our consultants and our company
  • We are entrepreneurs

Qcentris is privately held. The executive management team members are co-founders and shareholders. 


Reto Züst
Reto Züst (Chairman)

Qcentris has grown since the start in 2011 continuously and fast. The revenue could be improved annually by over 30 %. We expect for 2014 a even higher growth rate. The number of consultant has grown by three times since our foundation in 2011 to 200 employees. We are focused on the countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Egypt. We offer test services in all lines of industries.


Sabrina Schönhart
Sabrina Schönhart (Managing Partner)

We achieve 79 % of our revenue based on managed testing services. These services are long-term oriented and are delivered onsite (in the office of our client) and offsite (in the test centre of Qcentris). 21 % of the services are delivered in the field of quality management, strategic test consulting / QS services and in short-term projects. Our consultants in the test centre speak German and English.


Peter Weber
Peter Weber (Managing Partner)

The board and executive management team consists of three members: Reto Züst (Chairman und CEO), Peter Weber (Chief Operation Officer) and Sabrina Schönhart (Chief Market Officer). All have a solide track back in the test and quality industry. Additional information is available on Xing and LinkedIn.