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Digital transformation is changing the manufacturing sector and the factory floor radically.  Businesses are striving to become more agile, integrated, connected and to meet quality assurance standards. Initiatives, such as continuous quality assurance and operational process improvement, are becoming increasingly prevalent as leaders in manufacturing recognise the need to compete in a rapidly changing world.

To enable transformation towards digital the convergence of information technology and operational technology must be realised. We help you to adopt advanced manufacturing technology, while meeting sustainability and regulatory requirements.  We’ve worked with leading global organisations across a range of sectors for many years, including automotive, high-tech and medical devices and FMCG.

Connecting IT and manufacturing

With increasing complexity comes the need for cross-system interaction and communication.

In addition, continuous quality assurance at key stages in the operating process is essential to ensure new products reach the market on time and meet customer expectations. The need for manufacturers to embrace and implement digitalisation across the factory floor and supply chain has never been greater; we’ll support you every step of the way to achieve this.

  • Quality management

We build your processes around quality assurance, ensuring your development projects hit production fault-free and meet your delivery commitments. We are ideally supported for your project needs; our expertise is in integration across platforms for specific markets.

  • Testing and quality assurance

We automate your testing and create integrated testing management programmes to enable it to become an integrated part of your project plan, helping you to maintain your timeline, budget and specifications.

Based on our broad experience, our specialised quality assurance teams are up-to-date with advances in manufacturing, such as additive manufacturing, adaptive machining and predictive maintenance to ensure that every eventuality is considered.

Our proven, industry-leading independent software and quality assurance services will speed up your return on investment and reduce product delivery costs.

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