Pricing models

Time & Material

Clients are billed in accordance to the delivered consultant hours and days. In this model Qcentris does not assume any pre-specified service levels (in terms of risk or other responsibilities). Daily rates do not normally include any risk premia.

Test Points

This engagement model allows that individual testing steps are indexed and specific pricing is allocated. The number of testing steps will be measured and billed accordingly. The risks remain largely with the client.

Risk & Reward-Based Pricing Pricing

Billing follows broadly the Time & Materials model. However, a bonus/malus (reward/penalty) component is also incorporated. The risks are shared. Daily rates normally do not include risk premia.

Output-Based Pricing

For this engagement model the delivered specified service is billed; e.g. price per automated test case including maintenance and unlimited execution. The rates do include risk premia as Qcentris assumes increased testing risk

Fixed Price

This is the classic charging model for managed services. The testing service is charged at a fixed rate per time period, normally per annum. The service provision is governed by a pre-specified Service Level Agreement (SLA). Hence risk is almost entirely with Qcentris. Therefore, the pricing includes risk premia.